Invitation from "elpida"

I am very happy to be invited to the 25th anniversary ceremony of ELPIDA the Association of Friends of Children with Cancer, in recognition of our school's support.

Allow me to deliver a message from ELPIDA and extend an invitation to the citizens of Piraeus.

“Volunteering to become a bone marrow donor is man’s ultimate gift to his fellow man, bestowing the gift of life.  A large number of our fellow human beings, including many children, die every year because their bone marrow, the “factory” that produces their blood, is deficient, has been destroyed or has been invaded by malignant cells.  Scientific progress today affords us the possibility of saving these people by giving them something of ourselves. The number of Greek volunteer bone marrow donors is small and systematic and coordinated efforts must be made by every agency in order to create a registry with at least 60,000 volunteer donors.”

Our school being dedicated to charity as well, helps ELPIDA every year by donating money and gathering bone marrow donors. Therefore, we invite you to our school’s end of year celebration on 5 June, at 18:00, at the theatre of Ecole Saint Paul in Piraeus. We will have the opportunity to watch our children perform a number of Shakespeare’s plays commemorating the death of the famous English playwright and we will be given the opportunity to volunteer and give life to some other children who cannot attend the celebration although they would love to. The children of Elpida Hospital. The hospital’s special unit will inform us about donating bone marrow.

We must all be there!

Almost one hundred Greek patients, half of which are children, could be saved each year by a bone marrow transplant.

And it’s up to us to save them!

Irene Zachariou