The reason I brought my son to your school Mrs. Zachariou, is because it was recommended by Mrs Rhona Bacbeth, a Scottish examiner for the Cambridge exams. She told me that she had been impressed by your student's fluency in speaking English and she considers the school unique among all other language schools in Piraeus for your impeccable professionalism and results.
Now, watching my child’s performance I also recommend that all parents should choose your school regardless of distance.

Mrs Mantzourani

I go abroad for Jazz live performances and everyone compliments me on my excellent pronunciation of the English language that Mrs Zachariou has taught me!

Georgia Kalafati

My daughter has studied at Zachariou Language school for two years and now that we have moved to Seychelles. I am proud to listen to her speaking English so fluently. The "Super Little Singers" and "Super Little Actors" courses certainly helped her because she is no longer shy when she talks.
A big thank you to Mrs Zachariou and her teachers. We are sending you our love and we say with great pride that, indeed we, the parents, make the best choice by bringing our children to you!

Mrs Mouskai

Congratulations on being so successful, original and innovative. We love you!

Chrysanthi Spanaki

Οn a trip to Paris with my daughter Athena, who is a student in B’ class, I noticed with great joy that my daughter could communicate fluently in English, both with the receptionists at our hotel and with all the staff of Disneyland! I was really surprised!

Mrs Mpoulous

I love English because we learn through interactive whiteboards. Our teachers are really good. The decoration is very nice.
We also go on school trips, learn through theatrical games and I certainly wouldn’t change a thing!

Joanna Kommatidou

Mrs Zachariou, thank you for all the beautiful things you taught me and all the love you gave me! Lots of love, Sotiris.

Sotiris Kayiafoglou

I feel so at home at Zachariou Language School! I love all the teachers! They welcomed me in a very sweet way! We have music lessons and we learn lovely English songs. I wish I could spend more hours here! I want to thank Mrs Zachariou and Mrs. Katevati for all the things they have taught me and for everything they will teach me in the future!

Antigoni Lela

I am very satisfied with Zachariou Language school. It has got smart and good teachers. I am also very happy because in the summer we will put on a theatrical play in which I was chosen for the role of the prince! The play is called "Snow White and the seven dwarfs". Besides that, our teacher has asked us to read Oliver Twist, which is very interesting!

Stathis Papadakis

My English school is perfect! It has everything children want. It has large classrooms painted with cartoon characters and the best teachers! What I enjoy most are the theatrical plays that we prepare for the end-of-year school production!

Maria Helen Tsialta

I wish you continue with the same freshness, offering the best to our children! Thank you for always being innovative, zealous and so loving to us and the kids!

Mr Mourtakos

This year’s production was really special and touching. Thank you for the tenderness, the zeal and the immense effort you all put in for our children! I wish you every success!

Mrs Moumtzaki-Kavalierou

Keep up the good work Mrs Zachariou! Always have the same enthusiasm, the same passion! From the first moment my son and I met you we felt safe and secure. We love your bright smile and feel at home when we come to your school. You have earned our confidence. Thank you!

Mrs Prodromidi

Many years ago I brought my eldest son to you Mrs Irene Zachariou. He was 7 years old. You hugged him dearly and made him love foreign languages ​​and adore English! He acquired the Certificate of Proficiency in the first grade of High School. When he went to a college in London to attend a summer program, he won the first prize in the English language exams! When time for the Panhellenic examinations came, he got top marks in the English language, without any preparation at all! Consequently, English became a passport for the university. Now you have my younger son in your hands, an active, lively child! He got his B2 certificate in the first grade of Junior High School! What can I say? This year he is in the third grade and is preparing for Proficiency. He speaks English fluently and he loves it! I also love you! A thank you is not enough!