Social contribution and culture

Pandora opens the jar and all evils are released into the world. With the help of a God, she manages to close the box but the whole contents have escaped, except for one thing that lays at the bottom – ELPIS (HOPE). The unique antidote to the suffering of the world, famine, diseases and despair.
– From the story of Pandora’s Box, Greek Mythology

I have always believed that people who can work and earn money can spare some to help the poor, the elderly, the children and the sick people. No matter how big or small the help is, it is of vital importance that we do so.

On the day of the opening of our school 16 years ago, I made the decision to donate a proportion of the school’s proceeds to anyone in need. My love for children led me to support the Hospital for Children with Cancer, named “Elpis”.

And the effort does not stop here. In one of my visits to “Elpis” hospital, I was informed by the director Mrs Panagopoulos that they were in great need of bone marrow donors, the lack of whom had already led many children to death. Therefore, I decided to become a bone marrow donor and started a campaign to raise awareness among the citizens of Piraeus regarding this gift of life. Ever since, we have successfully recruited many donors. I owe all of them my gratitude.

Together we can achieve more!

Irene Zachariou

Proud sponsors of the Open European Sailing Championships of the Olympic class 470 and dedicated supporters of the Olympic Ideal as a source of self-perfection, friendship, peace, solidarity, unity, non-discrimination, goodwill and fair play.


Proud sponsors of Porfiras basketball sports club.