Flexible Saturday classes

We understand that no one’s schedule is quite the same and some responsibilities prevent you from attending a regular evening course. That’s why we offer flexible class schedules to make it possible for you to achieve your education on your own terms. At Zachariou Language School we offer morning, evening and Saturday flexible classes. Find out more about our class formats, course length options, class schedules and the time that is needed to complete your course.

Online lessons

A new powerful way of learning.

In the era of revolution 4.0, should we still be wondering in Greece whether to implement technology in our lessons or not?

The two essential criteria that we should consider when we choose a course are its educational approach and the quality of the teachers both as experts and as human beings transmitting values. The learning environment, on the other hand, can take many forms. Conventional classrooms are excellent, but digital learning has its advantages. In “Zachariou Language School”, the uniqueness of our method “Course of Action!” lies in its holism. That is, in its ability to teach life skills. The use of technology is one of these skills. It complements and develops our method offering even more benefits to our students.



We can organize language tuition in small groups of three or one-to-one for the students who want to do their homework with their teacher’s guidance. A sympathetic voice and ear and a teacher who has all the answers on how to study quickly and effectively can be a great help. More than this: any investment you make in private language tuition for your children can also help them indirectly with their other subjects, because it restores their confidence and frees up homework time.


Summer classes

You want an accelerated course but winter is a hectic period for you full of responsibilities and not enough time for foreign language learning?

Join our summer classes. Start in June. Attend daily. One-hour attendance per day for junior classes. Two-hour attendance per day for senior classes.

The total duration per level is six weeks.


Have you ever wondered why you get a song's refrain stuck in your head for days on end but never sentences from a book or a film you just watched? That's because music stimulates memory like nothing else, making itself one of the best learning tools there is. If you combine music with dance, songs, spoken dialogue and actions, you have musical theatre!

At Zachariou Language School, we have introduced a music and language class and named it "Musical". It is offered to the students who have developed a love for the performing arts after exposure to classroom drama and theatre. It will be considered an extracurricular activity, and the children will benefit in multiple ways due to its multisensory and holistic nature.

Join us on a beautiful journey into the world of languages ​​and music.


Drama is a language, not peculiar but familiar.


Theatre means expression, creativity, eloquence,

Learn to develop your emotional intelligence.


Theatre in English and difficulties in learning disappear,

Come to meet Shakespear, become King Lear,

And have an awesome school year.


Learn to listen, to speak, to dream,

It's super to work as a team.


Language in practice, theatrical act,

Learn how to touch the audience's heart.


Theatrical performance but also rehearsal, improvisation,

Come and join us in this celebration.


An activity from which you have lots to gain,

If you wonder how to reach knowledge, happiness and fame,

You have to come to Friday's game!