Why us

What makes our school special

  1. We are an innovative school that is open to new ideas.
  2. Our drama-based and inquiry-based method, "Course of Action!" emphasizes whole-person development.
  3. We propose an active, exploratory learning style where children's creativity and imagination are stimulated.
  4. We teach values through drama and reflection, thus driving children to an experience that modifies them.
  5. We restore the importance of feeling as well as thinking.
  6. We offer quality education as opposed to quantity.
  7. Our students grow to be confident speakers.
  8. With the help of the "Tomatis Method", a form of sound and listening therapy, we treat various auditory processing disorders.
  9. We use new technology to provide our students with a portal to the world.
  10. We are a school that parents can trust. We offer a written guarantee that our students will learn to speak fluently and succeed in the Cambridge Assessment exams. Our passing rate is 95%-100% every year.
  11. We have 'cool' classrooms! Regular investment in our facilities is a must at our school.
  12. We offer coaching and assistance to all our students.
  13. We are inclusive. We celebrate and value individuality and difference.
  14. We have a strict anti-bullying policy.
  15. We offer wonderful extracurricular activities.
  16. We teach our students to care about the community by engaging them in acts of philanthropism.