The extraordinary story of a gifted child

I first started teaching English to children 25 years ago and since then I've been living in a world of wonders. Every day I'm marvelled by the extraordinary abilities of the human brain and soul. According to recent researches and my observation in the classroom, every child is born a Leonardo Da Vinci, possessing all kinds of skills and talents. Their environment also plays a vital role in helping them develop these skills.
Of all the wonderful little human beings I've met on the way, one has been particularly blessed. His name is Michael Cucurebas. So I took him to Mensa Greece for an IQ test.
Two weeks ago Mensa told us that Michael had scored 131 and belongs to the 2% of the world's population who are geniuses!
Congratulations Michael for being a child prodigy!
From the first moment I met him - he was four years old when his mother brought him to me - I immediately realised his potential. Since then he has attended several accelerated courses and is now already a C' Class student.
Last year he starred in our school's production of "Romeo and Juliet " in the role of Romeo, reciting a huge number of lines from the original play by Shakespeare. He was only eight years old...
We would also like to thank miss Danae Deligeorges of Mensa Greece for her invaluable assistance and guidance.
Irene Zachariou