Ms Irene Zachariou is a Master of Education

Today, stepping into my exciting new role as an Educational Drama Teacher, I turn the page on an essential chapter of my life and embark on a new one, brimming with dreams and anticipation.

This accomplishment signifies more than just my love for Drama and Education; it embodies my ongoing commitment to self-improvement and my belief in the power of lifelong learning.

In this journey, Drama has become my ally, the tool through which I can encourage my students to seek knowledge, express themselves freely, explore the world, and discover what it is to be human.

In the year ahead, our classrooms promise to be gateways to the real world, where dreams materialize into reality, stories spring to life, and student voices are heard!

I thank everyone who has helped me, and welcome the future with gratitude and optimism.

Irene Zachariou