International Day of Education

Today, January 24th, is World Education Day. Let's talk about the Nine Muses.

"Whoever neglects the Muses when young forfeit past and future time". Sophocles warned us in the 4th century BC not to neglect the education of children. The approach back then was empirical and included all the arts.

Reaching the 20th century, and after many changes, education became, as researchers call it, "from the neck and above." It split students in half, kept the mind and discarded the body. It confined them to a desk and asked them to parrot knowledge that each educational system had selected, modified, and served. In other words, they were asked to understand the world and discover the truth through someone else's eyes, not their own. They gained second-hand experience.

But reading a cookbook is not the same as cooking...

In the 21st century that we are in, education is returning to its old values. It is becoming experiential. All aspects of human nature will be cultivated, including emotion.

So let us welcome once again the Nine Muses, a source of inspiration.