Actions speak louder than words!

Actions speak louder than words!
And we as teachers and individuals choose to act not only promise. That’s how we teach, by actively involving the student and that’s how we change the world, by performing acts of kindness.
And yes, we have managed to gather and donate 245 books to Hatzikiriakeio Institution for Child Protection! We have also donated 2 scholarships! I am grateful to all my students and their parents for responding to my call for help with enthusiasm. You are LEADERS! I was also moved by the parents who brought their children to the orphanage this Sunday to meet the girls. You are awesome! I would also like to thank Mrs Katsilieri, the Director of Hatzikiriakeio for her important work and her hospitality.Our student Giannis Koniaris global volunteer of AIESEC for the example he sets. A great many thanks to Mrs Aggeliki Pappa of I love Dyslexia for inviting us to join SOS4LoveProject and teach our students and the Piraeus community about the UN’s 17 Goals for Sustainable Development. We love you! Keep inspiring us!
We are so thankful to all for your support in our educational endeavor to develop a wholesome, integrated personality in our children where both the mind and the heart work together harmoniously and effectively.
I wish the girls of Hatzikiriakeio a nice and enjoyable reading. Embrace knowledge because it is power, set your own goals and work hard to achieve them, look ahead and never fear the world because there is a great amount of kindness out there!

Irene Zachariou