Who we are

The first Greek specialized school for holistic foreign language teaching for children, adolescents and adults.

Our vision

At Zachariou Language School we are pioneers in the field of foreign language education in Greece.

Our vision goes far beyond teaching a lesson.

We teach from the heart and give our students a holistic foreign language education that facilitates communication in the target language and promotes their mental and emotional development as well. Therefore we have employed innovative methodology and the right pedagogic principles to assist us in making the foreign language not a subject to be memorized but a remarkable experience to be enjoyed!

Thoughts during these difficult times of crisis

In stormy times, some people build shelters, others build windmills

We are currently living in an era of economic crisis which inevitably affects our choices. However a crisis can have a positive effect as well. The answer lies in the Greek language.

The word “κρίσις” (crisis) in ancient Greek comes from the verb “κρίνω” which means to judge and decide. As a result, a crisis, is summoning one to think and decide carefully. How can parents nowadays, faced with lowered income, decide on their offspring’s education wisely?

How does one act in a time of crisis?

Nowadays the knowledge of, at least, one foreign language is a matter of survival. That is the reason why parents should exercise their judgement (κρίσις) wisely and decide to invest in a quality foreign language school which is reliable, has proved its professionalism in practice, adopts contemporary and innovative methodology and can guarantee proficient results.

Zachariou Language School uses the holistic approach to foreign language teaching and learning and can therefore assure the parents, that their children receive the best foreign language education in Greece.

In times of crisis each one of us is asked to make a choice. At Zachariou foreign language school, we choose quality.
What is your choice?

Irene Zachariou

Mrs Irene Zachariou is a visionary teacher. Her vision is to invent new teaching methods to facilitate learning, instill values and inspire students.

He was born in Kallipoli, Piraeus, Greece where she is still living and raising her two children Addie and Aggelos.

She is a holder of Diploma in English Studies and Literature from the University of Cambridge and owns “ZACHARIOU LANGUAGE SCHOOL” an innovative and quality school for foreign languages which she has been running successfully for twenty years.

Dedicated to lifelong learning, in 2018 she acquired the certificate “Teaching foreign languages to pre-school children” from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She is also studying Chinese and has successfully acquired her first degree HSK1 in the Chinese language with honours. Being a holistic teacher she is also taking piano and painting lessons in order to include these skills in her teaching methodology.

In 2014 she became a certified Tomatis practitioner.  With the help of the Tomatis method, she is able to help children and adults whose hearing ability is challenged and therefore face serious problems in their effort to learn a foreign language.

She is an active philanthropist. Her love for children has guided her to Elpida Hospital for Children with Cancer which she supports every year by donating a proportion of the school’s annual income. In 2014 she decided to stand by the children at Elpida Hospital even more actively. She became a bone marrow donor and began a campaign to raise awareness among the people of Piraeus, regarding this gift of life. Ever since she has successfully recruited many donors.

In 2018, with the help of her students she raised 250 books which she donated to Chatzikiriakeio Orphanage along with two scholarships for the girls that are housed there.

Her origin, the Greek island of Santorini can account for her love for the sea and sailing. She participates in sailing regattas in the Aegean Sea and has won numerous medals. She is also taking traditional Greek dancing lessons in her effort to keep Greece’s culture and traditions alive.

Teaching is her passion. Art, Literature, Music, Dance, Theatre, Poetry are her sources of inspiration which she has intergrated innovatively and successfully in Zachariou Language School’s programme. Solidarity, Acceptance, Equality, Honesty, Justice, Respect, Teamwork, Love are the values she lives by.


At Zachariou Language School we are also distinguished for the high professionalism of our team. Our teaching staff consists of the finest, highly qualified, experienced teachers, devoted to lifelong learning.

Our school’s policy is to move from Transactional to Transformational Teaching. Transactional teaching involves the transmission of knowledge from teacher to students. Transformational teaching, in contrast, adopts a learner-centered rather than an instructor-centered approach.

Our teaching staff is trained to apply the holistic approach to foreign language teaching. Providing a safe, inclusive, and stimulating environment where students can use all their senses is their way to encourage them to actively participate.

Most importantly our teachers teach from the heart. A heart that is filled with love for children. We want our teachers to inspire and change students’ lives. That is our goal.