Why us

A great place to learn

At Zachariou Language School our mission is to prepare students to become “citizens of the world” and succeed in a rapidly changing, global society.

To achieve that we employ innovative methodology and large amounts of dedication and love.

What makes our school special

  1. We are a school that parents can trust. We offer a written guarantee that our students will succeed in all major foreign language exams that are held in Greece or worldwide such as the Cambridge and Michigan exams. Our passing rate is 95%-100% every year.
  2. Our students love us! They learn in a motivating, enjoyable environment tailored to the needs of every child, supported by talented and caring teachers.
  3. We are an innovative school that is open to new ideas.
  4. We follow the holistic approach in foreign language teaching, giving our students the opportunity to reach their full potential and grow to be confident speakers of the languages they have studied.
  5. Are you a child or an adult facing problems with foreign language learning? Do you wish to learn a foreign language in half the time that conventional methods offer?
    We have the answer. It’s called the Tomatis method and it works miracles.
  6. The classroom of today is no longer bounded by four walls. Neither are our classrooms. We use new technology to provide our students with a portal to the world and enhance learning.
  7. We have cool classrooms! Regular investment in our facilities is a must at our school.
  8. Our exciting end of year production involves the whole school.
  9. We work together.
  10. We have flexible courses.
  11. We offer coaching and assistance to all our students.
  12. We celebrate individuality and "difference".
  13. We have a strict anti bullying policy.
  14. We offer wonderful extracurricular activities such as drama and music.
  15. Our students take part in lots of activities and events where they develop social skills and have fun.
  16. We care about the community and are dedicated to assisting the people in need. And teach our students to do the same. Therefore we offer a percentage of our school fees every year to our sick students’ families and the children’s hospital “Elpida”.